VIDEO: Proof That Las Lenas, Argentina Has Sickest Terrain in the Southern Hemisphere

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Las Lenas, Argentina has absolutely sick terrain and the place is chock-full of snow this year.  

Aymar Navarro & Adria Millan – from Catalonia – are the undisputed kings of Las Lenas, Argentina backcountry skiing.  

This year, they’ve teamed up with Red Bull, a drone, and some badass videographers to bring us a series they’re calling “South Lines.”

These guys charge hard, they know Las Lenas inside and out, and they take no prisoners.

Get ready to expect great things coming out of Las Lenas this year.

This video is the 3rd of many episodes.  Check out episode one of South Lines here:

VIDEO: South Lines Episode #1

VIDEO:  South Lines Episode #2

This footage is from last week after Las Lenas saw a large dump of snow.

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