VIDEO: Quick-Thinking Jet Boaters Put Out House-Threatening Fire Over Weekend

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“Oh my gosh, pure adrenaline, like I was shaking.  That boat has so much horsepower I was just focused on staying on the boat.” – Koyne Watson told the CBC yesterday about gunning this 1,000-horsepower boat to spray this fire’s flame

Some damn smart jet boaters put out a grass fire near Kamloops, B.C. on Saturday.

They used the spray from the boat to put out the fire.

The fire reportedly broke out in the grass along the South Thompson River on Saturday.

The driver of this jetboat, Koyne Watson, zipped over to put out the flames.

Koyne Watson and Tasha Hunt put a 1000- horsepower motor that can travel up to 100mph. photo: Tasha Hunt

The fire was growing and had the potential to threaten nearby homes.

A fire truck and helicopter eventually showed up and fully extinguished the flames.

There are currently 150 fires burning in B.C. with 4 major fires burning in the Kamloops area.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to visit the Williams Lake area on Monday to view the current fire damage there.

Look how many fires and how much smoke is coming out of B.C. right now. image: nasa, yesterday

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