[VIDEO] Rare Wolverine Sighting in the Teton Range, WY

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On July 3, 2022, there was a rare wolverine sighting on the west side of the Tetons. It is evidenced by this video by Michael Devine.

The video is from so far away that one might be skeptical of the identity of the animal. However, it was confirmed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

It is estimated that there are a mere 300-400 wolverines who live in the continental US. In North America, they primarily dwell in Alaska and Canada. The lower 48 sees them mainly in Montana and Idaho.

Wyoming is the southernmost part of the North American wolverine habitat. Credit: pagosadailypost.com

Wolverines require a high-alpine habitat. They raise their young by digging holes deep into the snowpack. They are solitary, territorial animals and can fend off larger bears and wolves. Their introverted nature also makes them sensitive to contact with humans.

As the number of snow thins in the Rockies and elsewhere due to climate change, it certainly could be threatening the US wolverine population.  

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The comic book character Wolverine is likely what most people think of first when they hear about one. Credit: screenrant.com

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