[VIDEO] Red Bull Plane Swap Stunt Over Arizona Desert Goes Horribly Wrong

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The Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation after an ambitious mid-air ‘plane swap’ stunt performed by two Red Bull skydivers went horribly wrong.

High over the Arizona desert, Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington were hoping to go down in history as the first pilots to take off in one aircraft and land in another after sending their planes into a nosedive and jumping out of them.

The pilots were at 12,000 feet when they jumped out to swap planes. However, one of the aircraft began spiraling out of control.

Aikins successfully skydived into the other plane, while Farrington did not, instead parachuting to the ground. Neither pilot was injured.

Having practised for over two hundred hours and considering every eventuality, this took them by surprise.

It is not known why the plane began spinning, or if the pair will attempt the stunt again.

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