VIDEO: A Season Backcountry Skiing California’s Eastern Sierra 2016/17

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2016-2017 was a year of immense opportunity for CA backcountry skiers. While I feel that I didn’t fully capitalize, the tick list from the year is one I’m proud of and is a good base to build on as I challenge myself to go further to find unique skiing and mountaineering experiences.

Eastern Sierra. 2017/18. photo: tim fees

Long drives, short nights of sleep in my little Impreza, brutal hikes with pre-dawn starts, and moments of frustration all added up to a few short moments of elation that are priceless. Thank you to all my friends that helped push me and support me through it all!

Eastern Sierra. 2017/18. photo: tim fees

Winter Peaks (summit for some, skied from highest skiable point on others):

  • Mt. Whitney 14, 509’ (via Mountaineers Route)
  • Norman Clyde Peak 13,861’ (via North Couloir)
  • Mt. Tom 13,800’ (via Elderberry Headwall/Canyon)
  • Red Slate Mountain 13,500’ (via the North Couloir)
  • Mt. Dana 13,061’ (via the ridge trail)
  • Bloody Mountain 12,500’ (via the North Couloir)
  • Mt. Morrison N. 12,268’ (via the East Face)
  • Black Mountain 11,797’ (via the North Face)
  • Dana Plateau 11,684’ (via Third Pillar Chute)
  • Pika Peak 11,500’ (via the North Couloir)
  • Mini Morrison 11,100’ (via Old Man’s Bowl)
  • Solitude Peak 10,550’ (via Solitude Canyon)
  • Mt. Baldy 10.069’ (via Baldy Bowl)
  • And some others!
Eastern Sierra. 2017/18. photo: tim fees

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