VIDEO: Shane McConkey Squeezes Through Tight Line on Squaw Valley’s Illegal “Tram Face”

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“One of the wildest things about this legendary line (now called Sluiceway) is that Shane never scouted it. We’d hiked up it in the summer and he obviously had a general idea how it played out, but when I went to scout it the afternoon prior to shooting, he couldn’t join me. He skinned up in the darkness of early morning, never getting a look. So, as he dropped in, he was totally riding on my input of, “I’m pretty sure it goes.” Imagine skiing blind and flowing into something like this with those words in your head?

As a side note, just about all archival MSP movies are now free to watch at That’s pretty sick, too.” – MSP co-owner and editor, Scott Gaffney

Video of Shane McConkey crushing in the movie “Hit List” back in 2005.

Tram face. image: SQUALLYWOOD/Robb Gaffney

Check out Scott’s brother Robb’s SQUALLYWOOD guide to the illegal “Tram Face”:

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