Video: Sherpas Rescue Climbers Near Everest Summit

Jake Rubnitz | ClimbingClimbing

Back in May, Jabar Bhatti became the fourth Pakistani Climber to summit Everest with the help of Sange Sherpa. On the way down the two climbers would face a near death situation. The pair reached a difficult point on the descent, but the situation did not look too serious. Groups ascending near them left them supplemental oxygen tanks, but offered no other help at first.

One group led by Ang Tshering Lama, owner of Ang’s Himalayan Adventures, passed by and left oxygen and covered the climbers’ severely frostbitten hands. Lama and his group then continued their ascent and called a rescue group. When Lama returned on his descent, he found the climbers in much worse shape.

The rescue group had not arrived, and the climbers had become so delirious that they discarded their oxygen tanks. Lama decided to conduct the rescue himself. Lama and his climbing group moved Bhatti and Sherpa back to camp quickly and safely. The two climbers are severely frostbitten and may lose fingers, but otherwise, should make a full recovery. This is a good reminder of how altitude alone makes climbing in the Himalayas one of the greatest challenges on earth.

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