Video Shows Newly Re-Opened San Diego, CA Beach Extremely Packed with Surfers

SnowBrains | | SurfSurf


At Sunrise on Monday, April 27, San Diego County reopened many of its beaches to the general public, but things got weird quickly. The county discontinued restrictions for beach-goers and surfers while keeping the restrictions for motorized boating in place. But, in less than an hour after one San Diego beach re-opened it was already packed with hundreds of surfers who have presumptively been itching to catch a wave since the quarantine started weeks ago.

The video shows surfers hanging out in the crowded waters of Pacific Beach as there was barely even any space to paddle out to the break. Sure, the surfers are probably beyond stoked to be back out in the water going after waves, but others find the scene unsettling as it appears as though social distancing practices were left behind onshore.

At this time, active recreation is allowed at the reopened beaches but social distancing guidelines are in place, and hanging around and relaxing on the beach isn’t allowed. For additional information on which San Diego recreation areas are open and a list of activities that are allowed, click HERE.

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