VIDEO: Skier Goes for Ride in Avalanche on Carson Pass, CA (Lake Tahoe) Yesterday

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This backcountry skier went for a serious ride in an avalanche off Carson Pass, CA yesterday.

“Had just skied the middle moon coolie on roundtop, traversed out of the apron skiers right above winimmucca lake, ended up taking a ride and losing a pole.  Friend of mine on a nearby slope also took a ride today, I suspect he will report it also.” –

The avalanche in the video above. image: sac

Another skier took a ride in the Carson Pass area yesterday.  See full report of that avalanche here:  

Carson Pass Skier Triggered Avalanche

image: CAIC

11 people have died in avalanches this year in the USA.  

The USA averages 28 avalanches deaths per year.

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