[VIDEO] Skier Hits and Kills Deer While Skiing at Sun Valley, ID Then Skis Away With it on His Shoulders

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Professional skier Karl Fostvedt was skiing with his buddy ‘Harlan’ at Sun Valley, Idaho when he a deer popped out in front of him on a run causing him to hit and kill it. Harlan said he “heard the deer’s neck snap as they collided.” Harlan was miraculously unhurt and proceeded to ski the deer off the mountain by carrying it on his shoulders as he skied down to the base. Savage.

According to an Instagram post by Karl Fostvedt: 

“Still can’t believe Harlan hit a deer while skiing at Sun Valley last weekend. Harlan was watching a couple other deer run across the slope when this little guy popped out of nowhere right in front of him. Harlan said he heard the deer’s neck snap as they collided. Talk about a super sad sequence of events. Thankfully Harlan is a beast and was able to walk/ski away from the collision.”

Only in Idaho!

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