VIDEO: Skiing One of the Sickest Alaskan Spines We’ve Seen As Hard As Humanly Possible

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This video is sick.

Richard Permin skis this spine – one of the sickest we’ve seen – as hard as humanly possible.  

He’s skiing so hard right off the bat that he nearly falls off the spine to the left.  He then recovers and drops a HUGE air mid-spine (nutty) then keeps charging the rest of the spine full speed until he launches another enormous air to finish it off.

The spine isn’t eve a real spine…  It doesn’t connect…  He had to throw two frighteningly large airs just got make the thing work.

How did he see this and line and it up and say:  “Oh, yeah, right there.  I’ll just have to throw a 35-foot air mid-spine to make it work.  No sweat.”

It’s great to hear him breathing in this video.  He can feel that he’s working hard.


(this guy clearly isn’t afraid to charge.  Check out his feet!  photo from 6 months ago.  He spent two months in a wheel chair…  He hope he gets back to charging like the video above again soon)

"4 months ago both of my feet" - Richard Permin on June 7th, 2016
“4 months ago both of my feet” – Richard Permin on June 7th, 2016

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