Video: Skiing the East Face of the Matterhorn

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The Matterhorn, on the Swiss- Italian border, has been providing a challenge to mountaineers, skiers, and climbers alike.  In this short recap video featuring: Luca Zattoni, Luca Zanette (videography), and Roberto Rossi; the three ski down the east face of the Matterhorn.


Now in the POV footage and some of the other shots in this clip- it may look like the skiers are not shredding that hard.  However, let me explain the consequences of this line.  It is a no fall zone for essentially an entire 1000 meters. One poorly placed turn could rip the snowpack into a deadly avalanche.  The skiers decided to wait one extra day because of the heavy snowfall and wind overnight- which presents the avalanche issues of wind slab and storm slab.  They decided to go for it, being extra cautious of course.  The hike went as expected, but the ski was tough due to the icy layer of snow that formed under the new layer.  These are dangerous conditions in a dangerous environment.  


The skiers made it down safe, and have one heck of a story to tell.  I can’t wait to see where this group goes in the future.

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