[VIDEO] Snowboarder Lucky to Be Alive After Fall Into a Waterfall at Tuckerman Ravine, NH

Spencer McLaughlin |
Photo: Mt Washington Avalanche Center

It’s safe to estimate that over 1,000 people showed up to ski Tuckerman Ravine on Saturday. All of them made it home, but one snowboarder made the day come scarily close to disaster.

A signature feature of Tuckerman Ravine in the spring is a few waterfalls that fall off of the headwall. These waterfalls form crevasses and waterways, which flow underneath the snowpack. The water often carries those who fall into these holes in the snowpack and do not survive. Luckily, the snowboarder who fell in on Saturday was larger than the hole at a chokepoint and was able to climb out with two ice axes he was carrying. After skiing down, he was evaluated by medics and is reportedly okay.

Man falls into waterfall- full sequence of events
by u/534769 in icecoast

The snowboarder was wearing a GoPro. Although he was not recording at the time of the fall, he was able to capture some footage inside the waterfall, which is surreal. Check out the Instagram post below.

This whole situation is a miracle. Many at the ravine were sure they had just watched somebody die. If you go to Tuckerman (or anywhere similar) this spring, use this as a cautionary tale, and remember to make good decisions.

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