VIDEO: Snowboarder With NO Avalanche Gear Triggers Avalanche 50-Yards From Last Week’s Fatal Avalanche in Park City, UT

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Today, Christmas, a snowboarder with no avalanche equipment nor avalanche training triggered a significant avalanche just outside the ski area boundaries of Park City ski resort, Utah.

This avalanche occurred only about 50-yards from the location of a fatal avalanche last week on December 15th (the man who died had no avalanche equipment nor avalanche education) in an area called Dutch Draw located just outside the boundaries of Park City ski resort.

You can still see the fatal avalanche crown in the video above to the lookers right of the avalanche occurring in the video and under the cliff band.

Red arrow pointing to fatal avalanche on December 15th, 2019.  Today’s avalanche occurred where the word “accident” is located in this image. image: utah avalanche center

The snowboarder who triggered the avalanche today didn’t realize he’d triggered the avalanche, rode directly underneath the avalanche without noticing it, and was extremely lucky to not have been caught by the avalanche and subsequently hurt or killed.

Last week on December 15th 2019, a 45-year-old snowboarder left his wife & children at Park City ski resort, walked outside the ski area boundary into the backcountry without any avalanche equipment nor avalanche training, triggered an avalanche, was buried by the avalanche, and was killed by that avalanche.

It appears the snowboarder who died on December 15th jumped off this cliff, triggering the slide. Credit: KSL Heli

On December 17th 2019, another skier triggered an avalanche only about 50-yards away from the December 15th fatal avalanche but wasn’t caught by it.

There was also an avalanche in this zone on December 13th.

Avalanche Danger rating on 12/25/19. image: utah avalanche center

We need to make better decisions in the backcountry.

We need avalanche education.

We need to never exit a ski resort boundary without avalanche gear, avalanche education, avalanche terrain experience, and at least one strong, avalanche-educated partner.

The avalanche danger was rated as “Moderate” on this slope today.

Info on the Persistent Weak Layer that currently exists in the Wasatch Mountains, UT. image: utah avalanche center

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Snowboarder With NO Avalanche Gear Triggers Avalanche 50-Yards From Last Week’s Fatal Avalanche in Park City, UT

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  2. Why does everyone need to ski the steep shit? (Isn’t under 30 degree slopes damn near as fun and less likely to slide?)

    If you need to ski the stuff that is unstable get some training on how to stay alive and not kill anyone else.

    1. Don’t be a Dumbass and question why experienced skiers like skiing
      Challenging steep terrain, until you have actually experienced the thrill and adrenaline rush .
      Experience and skill is what makes me able to ski the steep shit . Poor decision making is what leads to people who don’t realize that not carrying avalanche safety equipment and going with a buddy leads to death. The training and proper equipment is a small price to pay for your life .

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