[VIDEO] SnowBrains 2020/21 Utah Highlight Video: The Mt. Superior Project

Miles Clark | BackcountryBackcountry

Every shot in this video is from 11,000′ Mt. Superior, UT (except for the last shot on 11,900′ Mt. Nebo & the terrain park shots, of course, which are from Park City).

Utah ski season was a wild one last year.

Not enough snow, then too much snow, then a very nice, cruisy springtime.

The 7 lines of the SnowBrains 2021 Mt. Superior Project. image: snowbrains

Some of our time in Utah last season was focused on our little Mt. Superior Project.

We ended up skiing 7 lines on Mt. Superior in 9 days (5 days in Jan, 4 days in April).

The result was a very fun map with lines drawn all over it.

We can’t wait to get back up on Superior again this year once it finally gets some snow.

Mt. Superior on December 2, 2021. image: snowbrains

SnowBrains 2020/21 Highlight Videos:

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