VIDEO: Snowmobiler Crashes Into Steel Gate While Responding To An Avalanche Hoax Involving His Friends

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According to ABC 7 Eyewitness News, a snowmobiler was severely injured after crashing through a steel road closure gate in Montana while responding to a text that his buddies sent him telling him that they were partially buried in an avalanche. The man called 911 prior to crashing into the gate informing authorities that his friends were involved in an avalanche. He didn’t know exactly where his friends were in the avalanche, but he headed out to the general area high on the mountain.

The man flagging down rescue crews after crashing into the steel gate! PC: Spokesman

While on the way to supposedly rescue his friends, the man failed to see a steel gate in the dark and hit it at a high rate of speed. When he struck the steel gate, he was thrown from the snowmobile after impacting the handlebars and snowmobile with his chest. A search-and-rescue helicopter looking for the avalanche that the victim called in found him on the way to the hoax avalanche. The Two Bear Air Rescue helicopter arrived in the area to search for the avalanche victims when they spotted a man lying in the trail near a snowmobile.

The snowmobile against the steel gate! PC: ABC 7 Eyewitness News

The man was found lying in the snow injured and in a state of hypothermia. Thankfully, he was discover just in time to be saved. The helicopter was able to airlift the man from the scene and safely carry him to an ambulance awaiting him on a nearby road. As they were headed out to look for the avalanche, they were informed that the reported avalanche involving the victim’s friends was a hoax. The man almost lost his life attempting to rescue his friends in a non-existent avalanche, but thankfully he didn’t.

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  1. those chumps are not his friends and should do some serious jail time for a crime involving great bodily injury – Un Fucking Real … I’m pretty pissed off that some fool would even think this was a good idea for a joke – Avalanches are not to be joked about – may his so called friends never Ski, Ride or Sled or see teh outside of a prison again in their wretched lives.

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