Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows Official Season Recap Video

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Yeah, it was a rough one, but it had it’s moments.

To date in 2013/14, Donner Summit, CA has seen only 174″ of snow putting this year at 44% of average.  That’s makes this year the 2nd worst snow year on record.

Yet, we survived, we got better at skiing and riding and we’re still fired up for next year.  

El Nino is coming next year and it’s looking to be a strong one.  If it’s strong, Tahoe could have a big year just as we had back during the last strong El Nino in 1997/98.

This video gives us a glimpse into a season that nearly never was and makes it look pretty.

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One thought on “Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows Official Season Recap Video

  1. People in marketing thought this was the best season ever?
    Maybe they should get out of the office more then once a month.
    Squaw should make an on mountain landing zone for BASE jumpers!
    What do ya think, Andy? Ok make it in your new Uber village.

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