Video: Stem Cell Injection Has The Ability To Cure Knee Pain & Avoid Knee Replacements

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The breakthrough that could mean the end of hip and knee replacements. #7News

Posted by 7 News Sydney on Monday, February 29, 2016

According to Melbourne Stem Cell Centre, Stem Cells have the ability to repair damaged knees, which enables individuals to get their mobility and independence back. This medical process allows individuals to get another 20 years out of their damaged knees and it only costs $8,000. To carryout this procedure, doctor’s remove Stem Cells using liposuction. The cells are then are isolated to multiply over the course of 4 weeks. After they have multiplied, they are injected into the damaged joint. When the cells are reintroduced to the body, approximately 200 million Stem Cells are injected.

“To see these results is incredibly encouraging,” stated Dr. Julien Frietag, Melbourne Stem Cell Centre.

Stem Cell injection! PC: Sports Knee Therapy

This Stem Cell injection has the ability to halt arthritis, eliminate knee replacements, and cure knee pain. The procedure is currently used on knees, hips, and ankle joints. The team at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre is currently working to use the procedure to cure lower back pain and Multiple Sclerosis. The team is also working to lower the cost of the procedure, which will allow more people reap the benefits of revolutionary procedure. The Stem Cell Injection has the ability to allow people to people to ski into their 90’s and live life independently. Patients are reporting a 75% improvement after the procedure is conducted! Stem Cell Injection is currently available and is being enhanced with every procedure that is conducted.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Stem Cell Injection Has The Ability To Cure Knee Pain & Avoid Knee Replacements

  1. I understand (from my own orthopedic surgeon 0 who did my last arthroscopic procedure) that the stem cell option is unlikely to be effective in subjects with wide-spread arthritic knee problems.

    I still have excellent movement – but flexion and extension is somewhat limited. How can I know whether my problem is “wide-spread” and whether that would exclude me from the stem cell procedure option?

  2. Interested in any articles on stem cell injection which can be printed out for my doctor.

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