VIDEO: Sugar Bowl, CA 2013/14 Season Recap

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It was an interesting season in Tahoe this year.  We got some great early season dumps, we got a lot of clear skies in the middle of the season, then we had a nice little Miracle March.  April has thrown us great spring skiing and now, the resorts are closing for the summer.

Sugar Bowl had a solid run this year and even got enough snow to ski parts of the Palisades.  This video shows Daron Rahlves ripping the Palisades and they look like a feature you’d find in Alaska.  Make no mistake, the Sugar Bowl Palisades is the gnarliest inbounds terrain in Lake Tahoe.

Next year, we wanna see those things plastered with snow and offering up some exciting lines.  

Sugar Bowl is now closed for the season and we can’t wait until next year.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Sugar Bowl, CA 2013/14 Season Recap

    1. Miles Davis you are. Sugar Bowl Palisades are the most Alaska-like inbounds terrain in Tahoe. You gotta try ’em out on a good powder day.

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