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Report from October 28, 2022

Drone shots by Skydio

I got up late and rolled into Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT around 10:30am yesterday.

I wasn’t sure what to ski.

Both Alta & Snowbird were allowing uphill travel but I’d seen some guys boot up and ski Suicide Chute the previous day.

Suicide is one of my favorite chutes in the Wasatch and it’s an old reliable.

I drove around and looked at a few things.

I was hoping Pipeline at Snowbird was in but it wasn’t…

Suicide Chute. image: snowbrains

After looking at Suicide from the Peruvian Lodge for a few minutes it seemed like the obvious call.

The skin track up was clean.

The scramble up the waterfall was simple.

The bootpack up the chute was brutal…

Looking down Suicide Chute. image: snowbrains

Every step was different and nearly every step gave way.

Luckily a guy named Andy was booting up ahead of me and he put in a nice booter.

Lars and crew put in a booter the previous day but when skiing down they mostly erased it.

The ski down was sublime – especially for October.

Waterfall. image: snowbrains

It’s hard to believe how well filled-in & powdery ❄️ everything is here.

Don’t believe it fully tho – just have a listen to the rock I club on turn 5 in the video…

It’s still spooky and sharky out there so keep your guard up.

I was able to ski down just skier’s left of the waterfall at the bottom of the chute, but it was dicey and I took it real slow.

Snowbird. image: snowbrains

2-days ago, I froze my face off in -1ºF wind chill in Main Chute at Alta.

Yesterday, my body was pouring sweat in 50ºF temps and blaring sun.

Big day-over-day contrasts.

It’s incredible how consistent the early season conditions in Utah always are…

Thanks, Utah!

We’ve got one more day to ski the Wasatch then we’re off to Antarctica with to ski guide with Ice Axe Expeditions on Monday…

Apron hot pow. image: snowbrains

Weather Forecast

image: noaa, 10/29/22

Avalanche Forecast

image: Utah Avalanche Center, 10/29/22

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  1. That will be a rad trip to Anartica, super inspiring!!! And also awesome for LCC to not get plastered all over the socials pre season! 😉

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