VIDEO: Surfers Use Boat to Poach Closed Legendary CA Surf Spot | Boat Caught by Waves…

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On Tuesday the California Parks Department closed San Onofre State Beach to surfing, including Lower Trestles. That didn’t stop these guys though going out and defying the order to steal a few waves.

However, not everything went to plan. Karma’s a bitch, right?!

The Inertia reached out to one of the guys in the video, Don Abadie, and he had this to say:

“The lifeguards and rangers just want their job to be easy (right now),” said Abadie, admitting that he didn’t help them do that. “They want people to stay off the beach and out of the water. Now I feel like an ass that I tried to find loophole. Our thought process was get in there by boat, get a couple waves, get out.”

San Onofre State Beach, established in 1971 by Governor Ronald Reagan, is a 3,000-acre state park in San Diego County, CA. The beach is 3 miles south of San Clemente on Interstate 5 at Basilone Road. The state park is leased to the state of California by the United States Marine Corps. With over 2.5 million visitors per year, it is one of the five most-visited state parks in California, hosting swimmers, campers, kayakers, birders, fishermen, bicyclists, sunbathers, surfers, and the sacred Native American site of Panhe. It is named after the fourth-century saint Onuphrius.

San Onofre State Beach, california
San Onofre State Beach, CA

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