VIDEO: Surfing One Solid Wave in Lake Tahoe, CA Yesterday

Miles Clark | | SurfSurf

Yesterday, Lake Tahoe likely saw one of it’s best surfing days ever.  Big rowdy surf and clean, calm surf dominated the North Shore.

The waves picked up around 9am, got big around 10:30am, and stayed very surfable until around dusk.  The peak was likely about 11am – 12pm with head high waves and glassy conditions in the right spots.

The waves were certainly as good as ocean waves and 50-yard long rides were had.  A few shredders were throwing cut-backs, roundhouses, and floaters.  It was full on show in spots with 10 people with cameras watching 20-surfer deep line ups.  No waves were wasted.

Even Sufer Magazine posted an article about the surf in Lake Tahoe today.  Pretty cool.

This video shows us Logan Knutzen surfing a wave on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe yesterday morning.

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