VIDEO: Swell of the Century | Best Day Ever at Nazaré in Glorious 4k Slow Motion

SwellBrains | | SurfSurf

October 29th was the best day ever in Nazaré.

These waves are another level… was there a 100-footer here?

While President Macron was doing the speech of the second lockdown in France, Nokte Studio team was already on the way from Biarritz to Nazaré, to capture what was about to be the biggest swell of the century.

Some of the big waves surfers on the planet were there: Nic Von Rupp, Justine Dupont, Kai Lenny, Italo Ferreira, Lucas Chianca, Pedro Scooby, Carlos Burle, Maya Gabeira, Fred David, Andrew Cotty, João de Macedo, Sebastien Steutner, Ian Consenza, Caio Vaz, Garret MacNamara, Alemão de Maresias, Sergio Cosme.

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