[VIDEO] Terrifying GoPro Footage of 1,000-ft Death-Defying Fall on South Maroon Bell, CO

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This video shows a first-person view of what it’s like to fall and slide uncontrollably down a mountainside at break-neck speeds. His screams as he realizes the seriousness of the situation gave me chills. The guy involved is lucky he didn’t hit rocks or go over a cliff band and survived to tell the tale.

This is footage from Matt’s massive fall on South Maroon Bell in Aspen, CO. His GoPro caught his initial slip and subsequent 1000-foot fall. Incredibly, he survived!

Last spring in May of 2022, Matt Randall took a 1,000-foot fall from the top of South Maroon Bell, which he undoubtedly shouldn’t have survived. He was solo ski mountaineering just outside Aspen, CO, and Matt somehow got lucky and walked away with zero injuries and one broken ski. He wants to share his experience because he believes it would benefit others to hear since he’s convinced there are many other people out there with similar human traits.

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