VIDEO: TGR’s Award-Winning Austrian DEEP Powder Edit

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“Fieberbrunn is a placed with gauranteed snow,” said the elder Fieberbrunn local Sepp Pletzenauer when interviewed for the Austria segment of Way Of Life“It has the open terrain, nobody around, beautiful powder snow, and I just go and make my path.”

Sepp’s sagacious outlook on his home terrain proved to be more than accurate. The powder that Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Dylan Hood, and Colter Hinchcliffe found there after a seven-hour detour due to “overgadgeting” proved to be not only deep enough to blind them (literally), but enough to win the nod for the year’s Best Powder segment from both the Powder Magazine Video Awards and, this past weekend, the Cold Smoke Awards. Tim Durtschi also nailed Best Male Performance for his Way Of Life segment.

After that bit of praise, we couldn’t help but to share the full segment with you this morning so you could have as much time as possible to stockpile water cooler jokes about faceshots, needing windshield whipers, and getting barrelled with your fellow office shredders as possible. With the high pressure system we’re currently sitting in here in the Tetons, we’ll be doing the same thing… – TGR

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