VIDEO: The Best Edit Out of Squaw Valley This Season?

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Squaw Valley, CA had a solid season this year with 256-495″ of snowfall in 2015/16.

Our buddy Aaron Fox took full advantage of the solid conditions at Squaw this year by throwing backflips off everything and skiing the rowdiest lines at Squaw.  Just his Chimney footage in here is enough for an entire edit.

Props, Aaron.  This is proof positive that you slayed it this year at Squaw.

If you’re curious how to ski Squaw, this video is your new text book.

Line in this video:

  • The Drifter
  • The Spigot
  • Treeboys
  • Smooth Air
  • Easy Street
  • Big East Street
  • The Chimney Sweep
  • Center Line
  • The Loft
  • My Air
  • Main Air
  • Mystery Double
  • Mainline Pocket
  • The Box
  • The Triple
  • Patrol Chute
  • Kangaroo Kicker
  • Center Line

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One thought on “VIDEO: The Best Edit Out of Squaw Valley This Season?

  1. If this is a “Good” edit, I’d hate to see a bad edit. Way to much 1st person and not enough perspective. Don’t get me wrong, it was entertaining, just a bad clip, cut, clip, cut, cut, edit and not even to the music.

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