VIDEO: The Biggest Wave Ever Ridden at Mexican Pipeline

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Two days ago, Puerto Escondido in Mexico – Mexican Pipeline – got huge.  Hawaiian Mark Healy somehow paddled into a bomb, made the drop, pulled into a freight train sized barrel and got absolutely obliterated.  After getting obliterated, Mark took about 12 more waves to the head.

“… and got absolutely destroyed, and about 12 other waves on the head after it.” – Mark Healy

Coco Nogales, king of Puerto Escondido, said that wave Mark pulled into was the biggest paddle-in wave ever ridden at Puerto.  We believe him.

“Today was honestly twice as big as the biggest I’ve ever seen it here. The energy and the water moving was just… so beyond anything I’ve ever seen here. Everything else pales in comparison.” – Mark Healy

Congrats Mark, that was a bomb.

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