[VIDEO] THE CLASSIC FLOW – 5/31 – The Hat Trick: A Linkup of Maroon Peak, North Maroon, and Pyramid Peak in Colorado

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North Maroon is one of the two 50 Classic lines in the Elk Range: on this day I linked up South Maroon, North Maroon and Pyramid Peak for a beautiful 10,500′ ski mountaineering day in my home range. To my knowledge, the linkup of these three Elk mountains on skis was first done by Pete Gaston and Max Taam – two Aspen Based ski mountaineers I have looked up to for a while. I followed a slightly different route from them, as conditions on a day to day basis are what determines the route we follow. This is a rarely done linkup so I was very happy to put it together.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Elks, they are arguably the most rugged range in Colorado due to the prominence and steepness that the mountains withhold. They are stunning to say the least and perfect for large ski mountaineering objectives: they boast consistency 4,000’+ fall-line flanks on all sides.

Furthermore, the 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America book was born in the Roaring Fork Valley, so these lines have a particular importance when considering the 50 classics at large.

Please note that all drone footage in the intro is not shot in wilderness in Colorado and that the Maroon Bells lie in wilderness where drones are not permitted.

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