[VIDEO] The Daily POW Alta, UT Report: Powder Returns to the Wasatch

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Report from December 9th, 2021, and written by The Daily POW

A significant storm has moved into Utah, and it’s not done yet. A quick seven inches fell overnight and another five this morning. We got to Alta around noon, but the skiing was still really soft and rippable in Fred’s Trees. We were surprised how much the conditions improved, considering how much ice and hard snow were present underneath.

The only way to access the upper terrain was to boot pack Jitterbug. The hike was well worth it. Eagle’s Nest, despite having many barely covered hazards, still skied great. Honestly, we were so tempted to ski back down Jitterbug because it was untouched besides the booter. But we opted to hit the backside and found excellent snow in Powder Paradise and North Rustler.

If this snow keeps up, tomorrow is going to be sickly deep.

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