VIDEO: The Daily Pow’s Preseason High Boy Lap at Alta Ski Area, UT

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Video and text courtesy of The Daily Pow, October 13, 2021

Alta has seen about 2 feet of snow in the past several days and another small storm is coming in tonight. We knew clouds would precede the incoming precip so we aimed to get up there early to have blue skies.

The skin from Albion and up Greely Hill was filled in and smooth. We made it to the top of High Rustler in under an hour to find no one had skied it recently and the most recent couple of inches was untouched, or at least so it seemed.

We found really playful pow the whole way down the run. There were rocks but not a ton and you could see most of them. We were able to ski to the bottom without hitting anything hard. The snow was of a high quality pretty much to the creek as it wasn’t in any direct light.

More snow to come it could get even better—cheers to winter arriving suddenly!

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