[VIDEO] The FIFTY Episode 37 – 7 Steps to Paradise, Near Revelstoke, BC

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Every line has a crux. The hardest part of the journey that puts up the biggest obstacle to a line’s completion. Sometimes that crux is an ice climb, a bushwhack or navigating through hazardous avalanche terrains. Sometimes that crux comes in the form of something entirely outside of the mountains.

Near Revelstoke, British Columbia lies an ultra-classic, oft skied, powder hounding run called “7 Steps to Paradise”. It’s the first run most people ski when visiting Roger’s Pass for the first time. So for Cody, the crux in this line isn’t on the mountain itself, but lies in the new son he and his professional skier wife have brought into the world and the challenges that motherhood and fatherhood bring to a couple of professional skiers.

Starring Elyse Saugstad, Greg Hill and photographer Zoya Lynch. This is line 37 of 50 completed by Cody Townsend in his project to ski all 50 of “The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America”, from the book of the same name.

For more detailed info on route and description, visit OnX Backcountry to see a 3D rendering of the route and terrain as well as a 60 day Free Trial to OnX Backcountry App.

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