VIDEO: The Freeski Crew Skis 5 Active Volcanoes in Chile, Japan and Russia

Matias Ricci |

Members of The Freeski Crew Marinus Höflinger, Benedikt Höflinger and Dominik Hartmann traveled the world with an objective for their 2016 movie, Escapades: to ski 5 actives volcanoes in Chile, Japan and Russia. The result of their work is really good.

“It´s always impressive to climb a volcano. To ski it down afterwards makes it even better. While travelling in the Andes, Hokkaido and the Caucasus our friends from fulfil their passion for skimountaineering in epic landscapes”. Vaude


  • Villarica (2840m) / Chile
  • Lonquimay (2865m) / Chile
  • Mount Yotei (1898m) / Japan
  • Asahidake (2291m) / Japan
  • Elbrus (5642m) / Russia

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