VIDEO: The TGR Girls Go Big at Jackson Hole

Matias Ricci |

TGR’s Tight Loose, the movie they released this year in order to celebrate their 21st birthday, was really, really good. And this 3-minutes of pure female action isn’t an exception.

Hadley Hammer grew up in Jackson and had been waiting for years for the best conditions to ski some classic, iconic lines. Last year, after some fresh and stable snow, she called her friend, Angel Collinson. If you wanna know what happened next, just watch the video…

“Jackson Hole has long been the proving ground for the best skiers in the world. People like Doug Combs, Micah Black, and countless other winter heroes have left their mark on these famous mountains. Now Angel Collinson and Hadley Hammer are here to ski these famous lines with their own unique flair.”

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