VIDEO: This Dog LOVES Snow

Miles Clark |

“Yoda Bear is a Norwegian elkhound who loves to shred powder in his back yard. He is one lucky pup who lives in a snowbound cabin in the woods surrounded by fresh snow. Today is his third Birthday so enjoy his season edit. Happy Birthday Yoda!” – Cindi Lou Grant

This video will make you happy.  There’s not much better than ripping fun backcountry powder with a playful pup.  There’s something about sharing the backcountry with your dog that just makes you happier.  And you don’t have to walk the dog that night.

For many years, I backcountry skied with my old dog Hidatsa.  She skied with me for over 14 years and I miss her every time I go out there.  We’d skied together in every western state and province and she never once said she didn’t want to go skiing.

Do you backcountry ski with a dog?  Please ell us about it below.  We’re writing an article about backcountry skiing with dogs and we’d love your input.

HIdatsa on Jake’s Peak, CA. photo: julian hanna

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