VIDEO: To Hell in a Heartbeat – Intense Re-Creation of a Utah Avalanche Burial Rescue

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‘To Hell in a Heartbeat’ is the dramatic re-creation of an avalanche burial in 2008 that ended with everyone going home to their family at the end of the day. This story had a happy ending because the group had their avalanche rescue gear and had practiced using it.

This video was viewed 1.8M times in the first 4 days of release and has now been viewed over 3M times. In the last 15 months, there have been 6 avalanche fatalities in Utah. In all of these accidents, the victim or people in their group were missing some or all of their avalanche rescue gear (transceiver, probe, and shove). For backcountry recreation, it is crucial that you and your group all carry avalanche transceivers, probes, shovels, and have the training to know how to use it. If someone in your group is buried by an avalanche YOU are their best chance of survival. Those buried in avalanches have less than 15 minutes to survive.

This year, more than ever, avalanche forecasting and education funding is uncertain and we are counting on donations from users like you to continue providing the level of service our community relies on. You can be a part of the Utah Avalanche Center team by joining our Spring Awareness Campaign. The UAC is committed to making every one of your days in the mountains the best possible by arming you with the information you need to come home safely.

These are challenging times and as you depend on us, we depend on you to help make this possible. If you have the ability to make a donation, you will help the UAC continue to deliver and expand avalanche forecasting and education throughout the State of Utah. Together we are creating the most fun, safe, and responsible winter recreation community possible.

Support avalanche awareness and education to help ensure backcountry travelers have the skills they need to make good decisions in the backcountry and come home safely each day. Donate to the UAC to support our awareness and education programs across the State of Utah.

Donate $100 or more by April 7 for a chance to win: 1 of 2 Arva rescue kits, Backcountry Men’s Hayden Kit (jacket and pants size and color of your choice), Backcountry Women’s Hayden Kit (jacket and pants size and color of your choice), Voile Hoback Shovel and Probe, Scott LCG Evo Goggles, or Scott Vector Sunglass.

Visit here to donate today.

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