Video: Tom Wallisch and Sherpas Cinema show Imagination

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Have you ever mind skied your home town? I bet you have. I know I have, and so have a lot of the people I know. Now, thanks to Sherpas Cinema, JP Auclair’s innovative mind, and Tom Wallisch, I can see how it should be skied. The video above is my hometown of Nelson BC, being shredded in a way that only JP has done before. The difference this time is that most of the shots are from nelson itself, and the story of kids mind skiing to school is the focus. This was a concept JP came up with before his untimely passing, in an avalanche in Chile in 2014, and Sherpas had been looking for a place to shoot it since. They had a town in Newfoundland and Labrador in mind originally, St Johns, but the weather was awful for skiing and shooting when they were looking to go. So, running out of time to shoot, they looked out of their window, and chose to re-visit the Kootenays.

I’m not sure where else you would get such a response. The actors are local, the people’s houses are freely given for jumping off, and even the school was in on the last pull away shot. Here, in the Kootenays, there is an artistic bent to a town full of skiers. Everyone , it seemed, had seen the original, and was stoked on a sequel. That allowed them to pull off an incredible short, last minute. In a piece for the Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine, Tom Wallisch pontificates on this.

“There’s no way we could have pulled this off anywhere else in the world,” says Tom Wallisch from his home in Park City, Utah. “That place is special. It’s beautiful, for sure, you couldn’t find a more idyllic mountain town setting, but the people man. Wow, they’re special.”

Source: Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine


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