VIDEO: Triple & Quadruple Flips Off 75-Foot Waterfall in Northern California

Riverbrains |

These guys are out of control.

Double, Triple, and Quadruple flips off a 75-Foot Cliff?  Insane.

The commentary is pretty hilarious, but you cannot deny that these guys are doing something truly remarkable.

This all went down at McCloud Falls in northern California.

One of the jumpers in this video, Justin Briggs, writes for SnowBrains and has a popular write up about McCloud Falls:

Some of these guys are Lake Tahoe peeps including Brandon Beck who is also a badass freeskier.  Brandon’s father Greg Beck jumped off a 100-foot rock in the Palisades at Squaw Valley, CA in the 1975.  That rock now bears his name:  Beck’s Rock.  (Note:  The day before Beck jumped this rock, his best friend, Mark Rivard, did the same jump and broke both legs.  When Beck landed the jump, he knocked himself out cold…)


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