VIDEO: Troupe Presents Home Wordd II | Incredible Uncut Skiing

Chris Wallner | BackcountryBackcountry

“This film is a self reflection on the feeling one gets from skiing. An attempt to capture the mindset for why we subject our physical and metaphysical selves to the elements and the unknown. A study of expression and passion. It is a response to life changing experiences shared with loved ones, all while rooted in the outdoors.

“Home Wordd II” is particularly special to me considering I shot it prior to sustaining a traumatic brain injury, and completed the project concurrently with my healing process. The release of this piece is truly representative of not just returning to where I was before the injury, but celebrating the growth which has occurred from it.

This film is as much a part of myself as it is a piece of the people I am surrounded by, nothing but endless love for everyone in this video and for those who made it possible. Although I lost months and memories, I was able to regain each day I had in the mountains with my friends because of these clips. I cannot describe with words how meaningful this was for me, but maybe I was able to convey it through the medium of film,” stated Aiden Ulrich about the film.

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