VIDEO: Valdez, AK = HUGE Avalanche & HUGE Clean Up

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Two weeks ago, an avalanche came down onto the only road connecting Valdez, AK to the rest of the world: the Richardson Highway.  The avalanche was massive and stopped the Lowe river creating an enormous lake that was 60 feet deep and half a mile long.

They’ve been cleaning this mess up for the past two weeks and they’ve got a lot left to do.

The Clean Up! How does a massive avalanche get cleaned up? Dozers, excavators, side dumps and lots of hard work. This is a perspective of the clean up. We flew with Leigh of Vertical Solutions. – Seed Media

Check out the initial avalanche and dammed river lake aerial footage here:

VIDEO: Huge Avalanche Dams River, Creates Lake, Blocks Only Road to Valdez, AK


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