VIDEO: Weatherman Pissed About Reporting in Snow Storm

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Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! 

This weatherman reporting for Denver 7 ABC News got a little upset when he was asked to report from outside in the middle of a snowstorm.

And although his tone is pissy and mostly unprofessional, he does raise some funny but accurate points.

The highlight of this video might be when he replies:

“Ok, you know what, SHANNON—I am in an ‘icy’ mood.”

Thanks for the laughs, weatherman, and hopefully you didn’t get fired for this—or you did and found a better job! 

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Weatherman Pissed About Reporting in Snow Storm

  1. Very funny! This is a comedy sketch though. Really wish you guys would say that instead of making it seem like this is an actual news clip with the Denver weather man. Great job on the clickbait!

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