VIDEO: Where We Roam – Nicolas Müller

Jon Roubik | | Featured VideoFeatured Video

When Nicolas Müller rides, you watch. Period. Absolute required viewing. The first shot is the sickest thing you’ve seen all year. Up until the second shot. And then you question if it was. Or not? Then the third shot goes before you figure it out and are like, “well… what about this one?” Before you answer there’s another, and it’s about that time you realize you’re in the process of getting your mind blown.

Perhaps because Nicolas Müller has one of the most genuinely deep connections and true passions for snowboarding. His awareness of the benefit of what living in the moment can have on your body and soul and his ability to articulate those thoughts and feelings is simply something to admire. His connection to his craft and love for what he does is obvious in how he rides and how he talks.

Nicolas Müller. Absolute legend. 

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