VIDEO: Whistler’s Best Trails.. On A Road Bike!

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Credit- GoPro

So you’re stoked that you just started clearing all the jumps on Whistler’s signature trail, A-Line? Sit back down and watch this video. Yoann Barelli rides it on his cross bike- with drop bars.

A-Line is regarded by some riders as the best bike park trail in the world. It was built about 15 years ago and was the first trail of its kind- machine built flow trail with perfect berms and jumps the whole way down. Many resorts try to emulate its flow but few get it right.

The first section of the video was filmed on Whistler’s Dirt Merchant– a similar trail, although shorter.

whistler road bike
Yoann Barelli
barelli cross bike
Road Bike Style
Yoann Barelli
Barelli- pc:

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Whistler’s Best Trails.. On A Road Bike!

  1. Ha ha ha ha….
    He drove smartly and made the video interesting by his style. Got fun!
    How did he do that kind of jump with that bike!? It was good for sure. 😀

  2. hahaa… amazing! Very impressive. I had no idea that was possible. Sure he wasn’t doing huge drops and jumps, but still impressive with a road bike. It’s like taking a Ferrari off-roading.
    Loved Yoann’s accent and the background music.

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