[VIDEO] Why “The Abyss” Off the Peak 5 Chair at Park City, UT, Is Rad

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

Report from January 4 & 5, 2023

We’ve been ripping around Park City ski resort, UT, for the past couple of days.

Utah has been seeing record-breaking amounts of snow and Park City is very filled in.

Conditions have been chalky and good on north-facing slopes.

Honestly, I mostly go straight to the Peak 5 chair and ski The Abyss over and over.

The Abyss is a set of north-facing trees that are steep and moguled with tight spaces, a consistent pitch, and the zone generally holds good snow.

When skiing The Abyss with fluidity, rhythm, and speed you have to make split-second decisions to keep the flow and I believe it’s very good for your skiing.

Orange Bubble and penalty lake. image: snowbrains

When I’m here at Park City, I usually just lap these trees and try to do top to bottom laps without stopping.  

I’m always breathing hard by the time I hit the cat track.

This fixed grip chair is slow and reliable giving me ample time to rest between runs so I can give it my all each round.

And that’s it…

The Abyss is the place to go for us in Park City for training for the type of freeskiing we do all over the world.

All I’ve been doing are Abyss training laps and they’re great.

Thanks, Park City!


image: park city, 2/5/23


image: noaa, 2/5/23


The Abyss… image: snowbrains
Orange Bubble. image: snowbrains
Moody Peak 5. image: snowbrains
The Canyons. image: snowbrains
Off Tombstone. image: snowbrains
Peak 5. image: snowbrains
Erica ripping. image: snowbrains

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