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The Chugach Mountains. Photo:
The Chugach Mountains. Photo:

So you want to go to Alaska, I mean who doesn’t? Summer or winter, it is arguably one of the best places on earth when the weather cooperates. Big mountain lines in the Chugach in the winter, and jumbo-tron salmon out of the Kenai in the summer, whats not to like? Well if you like AK in the summer, Virgin Airlines has a deal for you, and probably the best deal I’ve seen in my years flying back and forth to AK from Cali. For the small fortune of around $400, you can snag round trip tickets from San Francisco (SFO) direct to Ancorage (ANC), not bad if you ask me.

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However, while we’re at it lets bust out the small print, Virgin Airlines only operates the SFO to ANC flight from June 6th, to September 9th, summer only. So while this satisfies your craving for fishing the Kenai and exploring Denali and whatnot, it kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth knowing winter time tickets will run you $700 plus on competitor airlines Alaska Air. Granted this is the first season Virgin airlines has operated in AK as far as we know, and this might change in the future, but it still kinda sucks. I love Alaska Airlines, they have been nothing but good to me, but in a time when airlines are cutting back on everything from blankets to free checked bags, knowing other airlines are looking into the monopoly AK air has is interesting. Lets face it, Alaska is amazing, no matter what season, and if you can get a cheap ticket whats to stop you from fishing the Copper River, skiing Turnagain, or simply observing the awe of the Aurora?

Alaska Heli-skiing with Dean Cummings H2O Heli, photo:
Alaska Heli-skiing with Dean Cummings H2O Heli, photo:

Cheap round trip tickets from SFO to ANC year round would change not only the airline industry but the skiing, fishing, tourism and everything industry in Alaska. Alaska Airlines has long held the monopoly on flights to and from Alaska, and lets face it, when it’s cheaper to fly to Europe or Asia then Alaska, well somethings wrong.¬†So here’s to hoping for cheaper tickets to AK in the future from the airline industry. Growing up in Alaska meant every time we took a vacation down to the lower 48 it cost a small fortune, and now every time I go back home cost the same.¬†Lets be honest, Alaska is the ugly step child of America, and deserves to be respected like all of the other less glamorous lower 48 states.

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