Virtika Outerwear CEO David Lesh Turns New Leaf, Announces Priesthood and Path to Salvation To Right Wrongs and Save Damned

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DENVER, CO — Virtika Outerwear CEO and Founder David Lesh, who has been the target of ridiculous amounts of social media-driven hate speech over the course of the past few months despite a global pandemic and nationwide, racial controversy which you thought would have had everyone mad enough already, has just vowed to make it all right.

In the name of the Lord, David Atman Lesh announced today that he is taking a higher path towards salvation that will cancel out his previous wrongdoings and surely please the thousands of social media users who have sent him hate mail, death threats, and called he, his organization, and his mother an unmeasurable list of bad names. Because now, with God in his heart and in his pocket, the off-the-rails bad-boy is turning a new leaf, saving himself as well as everyone who hates him via divine love and a profound desire for eternal harmony with the unknown.

Lesh, readily on his way to sainthood, said today in an Instagram post

“I’m taking my life in a new direction. It’s touching to receive life tips from professionals all over the world and I wouldn’t know how to hike, snowmobile, or run @virtika without them. The countless death threats, news stories, and hate mail from so many caring people made me realize I have been going off the rails for a long time. My goal has always been to please, so I hope they will continue to invest their valuable time in guiding me through the minutia of my daily life. May the Lord walk with you all. 🙏🏻”

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2 thoughts on “Virtika Outerwear CEO David Lesh Turns New Leaf, Announces Priesthood and Path to Salvation To Right Wrongs and Save Damned

  1. Apparently only a Class Action lawsuit against David and Virtika is the only way to curve his actions which has caused thousands of Colordans mental anguish and stress over his violations in our National Forests in Wilderness designated areas within our state of Colorado. Maybe the State of Colorado and counties he does these violations in will help us all bring a REAL end to his destructive ways.

  2. You can’t put lipstick on a pig and call it something else, it’s still going to be a dirty, stinky pig . Sorry David it’s a little too late for salvation .

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