The Future of Skiing: Virtual Reality?

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Have you ever had the strong urge to go skiing but you live somewhere with no snow?  Or maybe you liked the idea in theory but didn’t want to injure yourself flying down a hill.  Folks don’t despair because now, there’s another way to ski; virtual reality.

There are a few options for virtual reality skiing.  There are VR goggles like Google Cardboard, there is now a guided virtual reality heli-skiing experience, and there is SkyTechSport which is a simulator used by Olympians to train.  This simulator combines a giant screen with a machine that generates G-force and makes it feel like you are flying down the slope.  The US Ski Team also uses this simulator to train and PSIA and AASI are developing a training program to teach beginners on it.

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Now, this isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, but these are just some of the options available if you are looking to try skiing without the cold, snow, or danger usually involved in the sport.  Another awesome option that isn’t strictly VR is called RideOn Ski Goggles.  These are augmented reality smart goggles that you can wear out on the slopes. The goggles integrate graphics into what you are seeing for you to interact with.

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So, whether you want to plan a ski vacation or stay at home for the weekend, you can still experience skiing for yourself.  These new technologies make this sport more accessible, aid the top athletes in their training regimens, and provide unique learning opportunities for beginners.  Essentially, you have no excuse now for not having tried skiing before, because you can ski in virtual reality from the comfort of your living room.  So what are you waiting for? Go hit the slopes!

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