Voodoo Mountain Brings Cat Skiing to Michigan

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Voodoo Mountain

Mount Bohemia has announced its development of a new ski area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, set to open next December. Voodoo Mountain will be the first commercial cat ski operation east of the rockies.

With a vertical drop of close to 700 feet, and about 200 acres of terrain, it will become one of the largest Midwest resorts in just its first season.

President of Mt. Bohemia Lonie Glieberman said Voodoo will address “one of the key things missing for Midwest skiers and snowboarders … to experience cat skiing in deep powder right here in Michigan.”

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Voodoo Mountain will be located on the Keweenaw Peninsula, in Michigan’s UP.

Located on the Keweenaw Peninsula just south of Copper Harbor, Voodoo Mountain gets abundant snowfall (almost 300″ annually). As of this morning, Keweenaw County is reporting 39″ on the ground and has received 228″ of snow so far this year.

Most of Voodoo’s runs will face directly north, limiting sun exposure and allowing for a very late ski season. North facing runs will also have a great view of Lake Superior.

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Voodoo’s location:  just south of Copper Harbor, less than 10 miles from Mt. Bohemia.

The folks over at Mt. Bohemia have big plans for Voodoo Mountain. General Manager Vern Barber said in Bohemia’s press release:

“When fully built out, Voodoo Mountain will stretch almost 2.5 miles wide and encompass four peaks with skiing on two sides and dramatic views of Lake Superior. It could eventually offer more than 1400 acres of skiable terrain making it by far the largest ski area in the Midwest.”


Between Mount Bohemia and Voodoo Mountain, that’s over 2000 skiable acres of terrain in the Midwest — the second most skiable terrain east of the Rockies.

The intial plan is for the cat skiing operation to operate Wednesdays and Saturdays next season. Daily cost will be $150 a person for a whole day of cat skiing.

The UP gets snow – Mt. Bohemia is just 10 miles southwest of Voodoo’s location. (http://miskireport.com/)




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  1. just a note: This will be the “first commercial ski area east of the Rockies”IN THE US. There is at least 1 cat skiing operation in the Chic Chocs in Quebec.

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