Want to See a “Big Air” Comp in the 2018 Olympics? | The USSA Does..

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Shaun White.  Big Air comp, Beijing, China.
Shaun White. Big Air comp, Beijing, China.

The US Ski and Snowboard Association wants to see Big Air in the Olympics.  We do, too.  A lot.

Freestyle skiing and snowboarding is starting to take over the Olympics and we’re all for it.  These sports are some of the most exciting to watch and having them as Olympic sports going to push them even further.

Big Air comp, Seoul, Korea.
Big Air comp, Seoul, Korea.

If a spot goes Olympic, countries put money into facilities, coaching, and training athletes for those sports.  The level that Big Air is already at is stupendous.  Making it into an Olympic sport will take it to the moon.

One great thing about a Big Air comp, is that you can have it in a stadium.  It can actually even be in a zone that doesn’t exactly have snow.  It can all be brought in.  It’s the ultimate spectator sport.

One they get Snowboarding approved, skiing won't be far behind...
One they get Snowboarding approved, skiing won’t be far behind…

On the heels of the successful debut of new Olympic events like slopestyle snowboarding, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) is proposing the addition of two new Olympic snowboarding events. The USSA will make its formal proposal to the International Ski Federation (FIS), the sport’s governing body, when its entire membership meets June 1-6 in Barcelona for its FIS Congress for the inclusion of big air snowboarding and team snowboardcross. Big air has been contested at the FIS World Championships since 2003 while SBX has been an integral and popular Olympic event since 2006. – The Ski Channel

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