Warning Posted About Capitol Peak, CO in Hope of Preventing Repeat of Last Year’s Fatalities

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Looking down right after coming off the east face on the upper mountain, before the return traverse towards the knife ridge. See Photo #2 from Daly with this spot pointed out. It doesn’t go. Credit: Brad McQueen

Following a number of fatalities on Colorado’s Capitol Peak last year, climber Brad McQueen gives us a warning ahead of this summer season – there is no shortcut down Capitol Peak.

It was a bit sobering being up on Capitol today given how things went up there last summer. I photographed what I think is the spot that provided temptation to try for a shortcut down (photo 1) for those deceased climbers from last summer. It looks so promising.

Look at the same spot pointed out on Photo 2 taken from Daly’s summit last night. Quite simply, it doesn’t go. There is no shorter, easier way down Capitol. If there was, it would be the standard route.

I hope we are successful in getting the word out before folks launch on their Capitol attempts this year – GO BACK ACROSS THE KNIFE RIDGE and descend your ascent route.

Looking across from Daly’s summit with the area in photo #1 marked. There is no shortcut down this mountain. Credit: Brad McQueen

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