Wasatch Dispatch: Full Sun After the Storm

John Solder | BackcountryBackcountry
DEEP Utah backcountry skiing. Photo credit: J. Solder

After two days of wind and heavy snowfall, the clouds rolled away revealing a new coat of 75 cm of creamy snow in the Utah backcountry. Jeremy and I pushed off early to get a jump on the frenzy but were greeted by next to no one almost all day. Nice to watch the day start from the top particularly with freshies at our feet.

Predawn glow in the backcountry. Photo credit: J. Theisen

Warm temps, not a breath of wind, and finding ever deeper goods buried in the trees, this was the place to be. As Jeremy says “You don’t buy a DVD and only watch it once”, so with no crowds, we gleefully lapped creamy powder in a classic Wasatch backcountry bowl.

Big John throwing out the spray. Photo credit: J. Theisen

To wrap up the day, we took a long skin traverse across two drainages. Not believing our eyes, we found another classic ski line with no tracks. Sweet!! 

Classic Wasatch backcountry ski line all ours. Unreal!! Photo credit: J. Solder

Just another day in the Utah backcountry. 


Jeremy trenching turns. Photo credit: J. Solder
Utah backcountry skiing comes with faceshots. Photo credit: J. Theisen
Unrivaled ski terrain. Photo credit: J. Solder
Laying down the powder turns. Photo credit: J. Solder
Photo credit: J. Theisen

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